tlw-bioTerryLee’s music has color and scents of the wilderness. Offers sounds, vibrations, music which does not live in the other places. It is of the natural and the real places of humans and their walk within the animal world. Amazing what his fingers can dance on this tube of wood with holes in it. The Ancestors for sure are TerryLee’s guide on this American Indian Style flute.

The new album from an older mix blood American who is rooted in his walk of Life. As the generations and ways being forgotten from the past this new CD, “I Have No Country” speaks of truths but also gives you music to fill the hole in one’s soul and help to take you on a journey to a place you find comfort. TerryLee Life started simple like all children but as he grew and not knowing why he had a struggle within himself. In school he never liked the word “savage” when it was read or spoken of. Always the uneasy with all the bloodshed of the original people of this land, Turtle Island. TerryLee was walking in two worlds and did not know it growing up.

In 1971, TerryLee was a young adult and married with a young one was in a Dune Buggy accident which should of killed on the spot after flying 21 feet and driving his head into the asphalt street. He was in a comma for several days and slowly came back to this world. TerryLee lost a lot of his memory and a huge part of his childhood and this time they medically did not know how to help someone in this condition. Also from his body crushing into the car he hit to sliding up the windshield over the top of the car and flying 21 feet but still had no broken bones. It was decided that the brakes went out of the Dune Buggy and slid through a stop sign from a side street. TerryLee’s life was rebuilt by family and friends who grew up with him.

This is where TerryLee’s Life change starts ….
TerryLee had a lot of questions and prayers and he reached a place where he made this statement/prayer; “You kept me a live for a reason. So, show talk to me, show me this reason and I will never stray from it the rest of my Life.” Well be careful what you ask for and TerryLee had no idea where this was going to take him. There could be a book written on this subject but we will move on. TerryLee has mentioned he thinks the book could be a way to help prevent young and old from taking the suicide way out of this world.

TerryLee was put on a very Spiritual path but has taken many years for it to be come clear. From fine arts to speaking and including music. Here in 2017 releasing his 23rd album/CD, “I Have No Country”. The Spiritual path Terry is on, “A Walk of Life” is sacred and this is all that can be said about it. The paintings he has done has almost come to a stop today but are all of a spiritual nature and many people have cried over TerryLee’s art and brought back memories or learned something from them.

When asked, did you ever think you would be releasing your 23rd CD? TerryLee answers with, “I never thought I would ever release the 10th one”. He also states that winning “6” Indie Music Channel awards in L.A., California still has me sort of in the clouds of wow. TerryLee has had multiple finalist nominations in different music awards in the country and out of the country.

TerryLee believes you really can’t tell the true story from words. It is a feeling which can only be expressed through the pores of your skin receiving the vibration from the voices of music. Then from the pores of your skin to enter your body of spirit with the final destination, one’s soul. “When a musician reaches this level with his music then he/she has done their job”. “They have fulfilled a purpose of why they are here.”

TerryLee’s music has helped many over the years for dealing with the most tragic, Hospice. Receiving phone calls and emails about how the music helped them each day of taking those breaths and being able to close the eyes at night for sleep without worry if they would wake up or not. Has helped people with drug and alcohol problems. The music of TerryLee has been found useful in helping with Autism. Has helped people with brain traumas and even himself which is where he finally found a way to do this with his music. He has his father and other people how are saying his flute music improves their golf scores and that their bowling scores go up. TerryLee is also a minister so not only by talking to an individual or more than one person he also uses his music to help those who are asking.

Thank you!

TerryLee sends out a Heartfelt thanks, He says, “From the Center of my Heart, I send out good energy and wish you a good walk in Life.” “Wishing You enough….”,

“We are all related, so be of this one heart, one mind for all Life”,
“Don’t walk on our Mother but walk within Her.”